Interface define contraints so that any contract that implements this can communicate with another contract that require these contraints.


  • cannot have any functions implemented
  • cannot inherit from other contracts, but they can inherit from other interfaces (0.6)
  • all declared functions must be external
  • cannot declare a constructor
  • cannot declare state variables
// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity ^0.6.10;

Here is an example where the Zoo contract calls a contract the implements
the Animal interface.
interface Animal {
    enum FoodType { MEAT, PLANT, ANY }

    struct Position {
        uint x;
        uint y;

    event Talk(string message);

    // All functions must be external
    function move(uint x, uint y) external;
    function eat(FoodType foodType) external returns (bool);
    function talk(string calldata message) external;

contract Wolf is Animal {
    Position position;

    function talk(string calldata message) external override {
        emit Talk("Woof!");
        emit Talk(message);

    function move(uint x, uint y) external override {
        position.x = x;
        position.y = y;

    function eat(FoodType foodType) external override returns (bool) {
        return foodType == FoodType.MEAT;

contract Zoo {
    function feed(address _animal, Animal.FoodType foodType) public returns (bool) {
        Animal animal = Animal(_animal);"I'm hungry");


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