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version 0.8.3

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Dutch Auction

Dutch auction for NFT.


  1. Seller of NFT deploys this contract setting a starting price for the NFT.
  2. Auction lasts for 7 days.
  3. Price of NFT decreases over time
  4. Participants can buy by depositing ETH greater than the current price computed by the smart contract.
  5. Auction ends when a buyer buys the NFT.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity ^0.8.3;

interface IERC721 {
    function transferFrom(
        address _from,
        address _to,
        uint _nftId
    ) external;

contract DutchAuction {
    event Buy(address winner, uint amount);

    IERC721 public immutable nft;
    uint public immutable nftId;

    address payable public seller;
    uint public startingPrice;
    uint public startAt;
    uint public expiresAt;
    uint public priceDeductionRate;
    address public winner;

        uint _startingPrice,
        uint _priceDeductionRate,
        address _nft,
        uint _nftId
    ) {
        seller = payable(msg.sender);
        startingPrice = _startingPrice;
        startAt = block.timestamp;
        expiresAt = block.timestamp + 7 days;
        priceDeductionRate = _priceDeductionRate;

        nft = IERC721(_nft);
        nftId = _nftId;

    function buy() external payable {
        require(block.timestamp < expiresAt, "auction expired");
        require(winner == address(0), "auction finished");

        uint timeElapsed = block.timestamp - startAt;
        uint deduction = priceDeductionRate * timeElapsed;
        uint price = startingPrice - deduction;

        require(msg.value >= price, "ETH < price");

        winner = msg.sender;
        nft.transferFrom(seller, msg.sender, nftId);

        emit Buy(msg.sender, msg.value);

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