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version 0.8.3

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Calling Other Contract

Contract can call other contracts in 2 ways.

The easiest way to is to just call it, like A.foo(x, y, z).

Another way to call other contracts is to use the low-level call.

This method is not recommended.

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity ^0.8.3;

contract Callee {
    uint public x;
    uint public value;

    function setX(uint _x) public returns (uint) {
        x = _x;
        return x;

    function setXandSendEther(uint _x) public payable returns (uint, uint) {
        x = _x;
        value = msg.value;

        return (x, value);

contract Caller {
    function setX(Callee _callee, uint _x) public {
        uint x = _callee.setX(_x);

    function setXFromAddress(address _addr, uint _x) public {
        Callee callee = Callee(_addr);

    function setXandSendEther(Callee _callee, uint _x) public payable {
        (uint x, uint value) = _callee.setXandSendEther{value: msg.value}(_x);

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