You can throw an error by calling assert, require or revert.

An error will undo all changes made to the state during a transaction.

pragma solidity ^0.5.11;

contract Error {
    uint public i;

    // Require should be used to validate conditions such as:
    // - inputs
    // - return values from calls to other functions
    // - return values from calls to other contracts
    function testRequire(uint j) public {
        require(j > 100, "j must be greater than 100");
        i += j;

    // Assert should only be used to test for internal errors,
    // and to check invariants.
    // Try: testAssert(-1)
    function testAssert(uint j) public {
        i += j;
        assert(i >= j);

    // Revert can be used to throw an error.
    function testRevert(uint j) public {
        i += j;
        revert("Undoing state changes");

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