Gas and Gas Price

Transactions run on gas. You pay gas price * gas in Ether.

You specify the gas price.

Transactions with higher gas price will be processed faster.

Unspent gas will be refunded.

There are 2 upper bounds to the amount of gas you can spend

  • gas limit (max amount of gas your willing to use for your transaction, set by you)
  • block gas limit (max amount of gas allowed in a block, set by the network)
pragma solidity ^0.5.11;

contract Gas {
  // Transactions spend gas even if it does nothing.
  function doNothing() public {}

  // Getter functions cost no gas when called by either
  // - an external account
  // - other getter functions inside this contract
  // - other getter functions from another contract
  function getNothing() public pure {}

  // In a transaction, you pay for the total gas used by the function.
  // If a function calls two other functions,
  // - a getter function and
  // - a function to create a transaction,
  // then you pay for the total gas used by the two functions.
  function getNothingAndDoNothing() public {

  // Transaction costs in ether = gas price * gas used
  // Unspent gas are refunded.
  function testGasRefund() public returns (uint) {
    return tx.gasprice;

  // Using up all the gas causes an error and reverts state changes.
  // Gas spent are not refunded.
  uint public i = 0;

  function forever() public {
    while(true) {
      i += 1;

  // Block gas limit
  function getBlockGasLimit() public view returns (uint) {
    return block.gaslimit;

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