Creating Contract from Other Contract

Contracts can be created by other contracts using the new keyword.

pragma solidity ^0.5.11;

contract Car {
    address public owner;
    string public name;

    constructor(address _owner, string memory _name) public payable {
        owner = _owner;
        name = _name;

contract CarFactory {
    Car public car = new Car(msg.sender, "Carol");

    Car[] public cars;

    function create(string memory name) public {
        Car c = new Car(msg.sender, name);

    function createAndSendEther(string memory name) public payable {
        // Send ether along with the creation
        Car c = (new Car).value(msg.value)(msg.sender, name);

    function getCar(uint index)
      returns (address owner, string memory name, uint balance)
        Car c = cars[index];

        return (c.owner(),, address(c).balance);

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